Bud Light presents Sensation Canada 2013


Bud Light will revolutionize what it means to party in Canada by bringing Sensation to Canada for the first time ever. After more than 70 events for millions of visitors in over 20 countries, Bud Light presents Sensation will make its Canadian debut in Toronto on June 1, 2013. The eight-hour experience will take place at the Rogers Centre where an estimated 30,000 fans will Light It Up in a way they’ve never done before.


The undersea-themed extravaganza ‘Ocean of White’ is the theme of Bud Light presents Sensation. The Ocean of White is a wondrous world of nocturnal sea life where flames shoot from the ceiling, acrobats rappel down from the roof, giant jellyfish hover above the dancefloor and carnival floats part the crowds. It’s an immersive experience unlike anything Canadians have experienced before.


Be part of the debut

Be part of the Canadian debut. Tickets are available now through ticketmaster.ca.  

Guests must be legal drinking age to attend Bud Light presents Sensation. Bud Light presents Sensation will adhere to the all-white dress code that marks every Sensation event.

Sensation & dance4life

dance4life, Sensation’s exclusive charity, plays a major role in young people’s lives worldwide through youth empowerment programs established in almost 30 countries worldwide. $0,50 of each Bud Light presents Sensation ticket purchased will be donated to dance4life, and the organizers will match each donation to make it an even dollar.


Published: 28th February 2013