Line Up Bud Light presents Sensation Canada 2013


After our North American continent debut last year, we now continue with our first show in Canada. Bud Light presents Sensation Canada will take place on June 1 at Toronto’s Rogers Centre. We’re bringing the mighty ‘Ocean of White’ show, a wondrous world of nocturnal sea life where flames shoot from the ceiling, acrobats rappel down from the roof, giant jellyfish hover above the dance floor and carnival floats part the crowds. Let the following dj’s guide you through the night (in order of appearance):


Mr. White

No Sensation without Mr. White. Our pale-faced resident perfectly knows how to set the mood and creates the right vibe with subtle house and techhouse grooves. He’s been traveling the world alongside the show for several years now, rocking dancefloors all over the world. Mr. White is your perfect start of the evening!


2000 and one

A respected dj with a peculiar artist name. 2000 and one used to be his bank card code. This Amsterdam based techno jock has been around the block, gaining experience all over the world. A quality producer that’s also responsible for popular techno labels like 100% pure, Area Remote and Bitten. 2000 and one is a regular at Sensation events and will let you experience Amsterdam’s finest house and techno tunes.


Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

These gents made their first Sensation appearance at the world premiere of ‘Celebrate Life’ in Amsterdam, back in 2010. Well known for their infectious sets, Sunnery and Ryan are performing everywhere. From Ibiza to New York to Brazil, everybody loves their sound. They’re currently storming the charts with their new track ‘Firefaces’ and loads of new tracks are coming up. Get ready for Holland’s finest house tag team.


Fedde Le Grand

Fedde and Sensation are a clearcut match. He’s played over 25 Sensations already and the collaboration continues. Fedde perfectly knows what the Sensation crowds wants and delivers every time. Even though he’s touring non stop, he still manages to produce big tracks. His latest tracks ‘Raw’ and ‘Long way from home’ are destroying dancefloors all over the world!

Eric Prydz

Scoring mainstream and underground hits at the same time, Eric Prydz is a well respected dj and producer. With hits like ‘call on me’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘another brick in the wall’ remix, he stormed the charts. Meanwhile he’s been steadily dropping credible progressive house and techno tracks on his own highly acclaimed labels, Pryda and Mouseville. Eric Prydz is about combining signature basslines with catchy hooks and enchanting melodies, perfect music for Sensation. 


Otto Knows

From a youth spent sneaking into Stockholm’s underground nightclubs to the ardent support of Swedish House Mafias’ assorted members, Otto Jettman is undoubtedly the next in a line of new talent to emerge from the Refune Records stronghold. His massive hit ‘Million Voices’ rocked festivals all over the world and there’s a lot more to come!


MC Gee         

Lee Grant is a regular at Sensation and well known for his perfect timing. In addition to performing at festivals all over the world, he also accompanies Fedde le Grand on tour often. Gee perfectly knows how to read the Sensation crowd. Never a dull moment with this MC!


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Published: 22nd April 2013