Line-Up Sensation Chile '11 Wicked Wonderland

Chile is heating up for Sensation Wicked Wonderland. With only a couple of weeks until the event, we are proud to announce the artists headlining your Chilean edition.

Mr. White 
Mr. White is Sensation’s white-faced resident who’s bringing a new sound to the Celebrate Life tour. With the introduction of Mr. White, Sensation is focused on bringing that pure party feeling. Mr. White is unrecognizable in a line-up of superstar DJ’s because his message is “Let’s just dance!” and that’s something that can be heard in his pumping and rhythmic sound. His sound goes back to the roots of house music, it is music purely to dance to. He uses less ‘poppy’ elements while keeping the dance floor steaming. The ideal kick-off to a night of celebration!

Erick E 
Erick E is without a doubt one of the founding fathers of the Dutch House sound. Apart from his energetic and highly danceable mixes, the main reasons for his popularity are his enthusiasm and charisma behind the decks. He really interacts and connects with his audience. Having rocked previous editions of Sensation, Erick is sure to deliver an unparalleled set filled with musical roalercoasters!

Fedde le Grand 
Having discretely passed from international chart topping success with the ubiquitous ‘Put Your Hands Up for Detroit’ back in 2006, to establishing position as one of the industry’s premier DJ’s, Fedde Le Grand continues to purvey his talent to worldwide dance floors. After a smashing performance at Sensation in Dusseldorf, Fedde is ready to blow the figurative roof of Estación Mapocho!

Sander van Doorn
A definite Sensation favourite and champion of genre-crossing productions; Sander van Doorn continues his domination of dance floors worldwide. He has produced sounds at a level most can only dream of. Drawing upon the best elements of various genres, he is able to create a potent mix that has fans coming back for more. After getting multiple Sensation crowds in a frenzy with that distinct and energetic 'SvD' sound, he is armed and ready to deliver the goods once again in Santiago.

Tocadisco has always been more than 'just a DJ'. With a slew of hits under his belt, an array of chart-topping remixes and unforgettable appearances at multiple Sensation’s, this DJ knows how to get the crowd moving. Get ready for upfront productions and genre-crossing mash-ups, all mixed and blended into that distinct Tocadisco sound!

Hosted by MC GEE
The one, the only...MC Gee! The voice that lifts spirits each and every Sensation is present in Chile!

Tickets are available at Sensation.com. Previous editions have sold out well in advance, so be sure to secure your tickets in time.

Joining us in Santiago? Why not let your friends and us know by RSVPing over at the Sensation Chile ’11 Wicked Wonderland Facebook event page.