Sensation returns to Chile


On April 13, Sensation returns to Chile with the wellknown ‘Innerspace’ show, a spritual journey through the seven stages of enlightenment. Be amazed by the labyrinth of white balloons hanging from the ceiling, the immense lotus flowers and the spectacular aerial dancers. For the 6th consecutive year in a row, Sensation will transform the Estacion Mapocho into the biggest club on earth.

The show

Sensation Innerspace is a spiritual experience, an adventurous journey throughout the seven stages of enlightenment. Ignore your daily worries, let go of all stress and open your mind to a higher state of consciousness. Don’t think about the past, don’t think about the future, celebrate and enjoy the now. Partake in this collective spiritual experience with kindred spirits, all united and dressed in white.


Ticket sales
The ticket sale starts on 20th december 2012, here at Sensation.com


Dance4life, Sensation’s exclusive charity, plays a major role in young peoples lives worldwide through youth empowerment programs in almost 30 countries. €0.25 of each Sensation ticket purchased will be donated to dance4life, the organizers will match each donation with an equal amount. For more information visit www.dance4life.com

Published: 07th December 2012