Mark Knight: ‘It doesn’t get more big room than Sensation’

Mark Knight will be headlining Sensation Denmark with one of his smashing sets. Sensation caught up with the ever so busy head honcho of Toolroom Records, to speak about his upcoming gig, his upcoming album and his plans for a brand new live set.

How do you feel about your upcoming set at Sensation?
It should be great. As a brand, Sensation has become phenomenal. It’s amazing, in all fairness. And I’ve got a long history with Denmark. I’ve got lots of friends out there. So it’s set to be a great night.

What’s your connection with Denmark?
It goes back to one of the first international gigs I’ve done. It was an amazing club in Copenhagen, called Rust. It just used to be amazing. I really won the Danish crowd over from an early stage, and love to return. I only do one or two gigs in Denmark, but it’s always something to look out for.

The term ‘big room’ is most applicable to a party like Sensation. Does that require a certain approach?
Yeah, it doesn’t get much more big room than Sensation, does it? That requires a certain sort of set. It’s a challenge in its own, requiring proper preparation. Luckily, a lot of my records are made for such an environment. So I’m quite fortunate in terms of the music I have. I’m looking to move that status onto stage now, developing a live act, which I’ll be debuting for the first time in Brixton in a few weeks. That would be the next stage.

Can you tell us more about this upcoming live show?
It’s going to have a slightly different dynamic than what most of the dance guys have done before. I’ve got a lot of songs, so it’s not just about a nice light show, it’s about bringing a live element into the show. I’ll have Skin from Skunk Anansie and Karl Hyde from Underworld coming on stage, and we’re going to do a live version of 'The Man With The Red Face'.

There are also rumours of a new album. Can you tell us about it?
True… I haven’t released a great deal of records this year, because the focus has been on my album. It’s been in the background all year. I’m hoping to have it finished by January next year, and incorporating it into the live set.

Isn’t an album a strange format for dance music?
It’s definitely not essential for dance music. There are so many successful artists that have never made one. But it’s what you do with an album. If you take the kind of approach of acts like Chemical Brothers or Underworld, there is definitely a hole in the market for it. These acts have been doing their thing for fifteen years, but there aren’t a whole lot of acts playing at that level nowadays. I’d like to aim towards becoming this type of classic dance act.

So that’s the new goal for the coming years then?
One hundred percent! I could go on dj-ing till I’m blue in the face, and it’s a fantastic carreer and I love every minute of it. But as an artist, you want to set yourself challenges and milestones to achieve. And this is definitely a personal goal for me for the coming years.

Back to Sensation. Any news on your wardrobe yet?
The first thing I did was go online and get myself some slim fit white jeans. The outfit is in progress, oh yes!

Published: 23rd September 2011