Line up Sensation Denmark 'Source of Light'

On November 3rd Sensation returns to Copenhagen for the fifth consecutive year. The brand new show ‘Source of Light’ just started touring. After its premiere in Amsterdam and traveling to Dusseldorf, Copenhagen is up next. Let the following dj’s guide you through the night.

Mr White
Mr. White is the host of the evening and the perfect musical start of the show. With his mix of subtle deep and techhouse grooves, he warms up the crowd. Mr. White has been touring the globe with various shows, gaining experience worldwide. Make sure you come early so this dj can get you moving.

Riva Starr

Riva Starr has been releasing tracks on the world’s hottest labels for a while now. His style can be defined as funny and grotesque, combining disco, funk, electro and Balkan beats. He had a massive hit together with Noze called ‘I was drunk’. Riva Starr made his Sensation debut in Amsterdam and also produced a big track especially for the ‘Source of Light’ show.

The Man With No Shadow
This dutch dj debuted on the mainstage this year after being a resident for Sensation deluxe from 2008 until 2011. Representing the underground with a stern smile towards the mainstream, he’s been winning over crowds across the Netherlands and beyond for a number of years now. Gaining notoriety as co-founder and resident of the infamous GZG raves, he is now one of Holland’s most wanted technojocks.

Who doesn’t know the hits ‘Flashdance’ and ‘Say hello’ by Deep Dish? Sharam’s a member of the infamous musical duo, producing enormous hits throughout the first decennium of this decade. Solo he’s also going strong with underground gems like ‘Crazi’ and ‘Texi’. Next to playing all over the world and releasing music on his own Yoshitoshi label.

Sander van Doorn
Sander van Doorn is going strong. With a massive album out in stores now and a new hit track ‘Kangaroo’, Sander keeps delivering the goods. Sander’s played a lot of Sensations, making him very aware of what the Sensation crowd wants.

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Published: 25th September 2012