Last event info Sensation Germany

Sensation in Düsseldorf is only a couple of days away. Are you ready to welcome 2011? To ensure you get the most out of the event, be sure to read the last event info below.

Sensation.com / Pre-Sale
Tickets for Sensation can be still bought via Eventim.de till 31.12.2010, 14:00 hrs. Until closing time of the stores tickets are still available at ticket outlets in Germany. Check locations here: Eventim.de. As of 16:00 hrs the Box Office at the North-East Entrance of the ESPRIT arena will be opened and will sell tickets; 88 Euro (Regular) and 198 Euro (Deluxe).

Start show
The doors of the ESPRIT arena open at 20.00 hrs. The show will start at 21.30 hrs. Make sure you arrive in time for the spectacular opening.

Time Table
20:00 doors open
21:30 - 22:40 Mr. White
22:40 - 23:58 Richie Hawtin
23:58 - 00:05 Silvester Moment
00:05 - 01:35 Sebastian Ingrosso
01:35 - 02:00 The Mix
02:00 - 03:30 Fedde Le Grand
03:30 - 04:45 Funkagenda
04:45 - 06:00 Joris Voorn & 2000 and One

Box office collection tickets CTS
If CTS informed you that you can pick up your tickets at the ESPRIT arena, please do so at the box office located at the North East entrance. This box office will be open from 16.00 hrs and will close at 02.00 hrs. A limited amount of leftover contingent tickets will be available at the aforementioned box office: 88 Euro (Regular) and 198 Euro (Deluxe).

There are enough parking availabilities on the parking spaces of the Trade Fair. For visitors with Regular Tickets the park-ticket costs 5 Euros, which will be withdrawn on site by the operators of the Parking of the ESPRIT arena.

For visitors that bought a parking ticket with their Deluxe tickets, parking will be for free the whole night. The parking spaces can be found in the garage under the arena. Make sure to park your car close to K3 or K4, because this is where you can take the elevator to the VIP check-in.

Ticket valid in public transport
Please note that your entrance ticket is also your public transport ticket within Düsseldorf and the surrounding areas (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr, DB 2. Klasse) and gives you free entrance to the Düsseldorf trams, subways and buses.

Please inform yourself beforehand at www.vrr.de about the tram and buss time tables.

To get into the Esprit Arena fast
To avoid waiting lines at the entrance, please hold your ticket and ID ready. To ensure safety for everybody in the venue, all visitors will be searched at the entrance.

A limited amount of lockers are available inside the ESPRIT arena. You can put up to three (possibly four) jackets in one locker. Please note that you are not allowed into the main area if you are not dressed in white. The lockers are located at the South entrance and the North entrance. After you have entered the venue you can then leave your jackets, bags, etc. in one of the available lockers.

- A locker costs 7 Euro rent and 5 Euro deposit.
- You will receive a key that states the number of your locker.
- Throughout the night you can access your locker.
- When you leave the party, please take your belongings from your locker and return the key. You will then receive the 5 Euro deposit back.
- To make sure you get all your belongings back and you do not have to go into the cold without your jacket, please remember your locker number and at which entrance your locker is situated.

All Deluxe Ticket holders will receive a 0,375l bottle of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne as a welcome drink. At the Check-In you will receive a voucher, good for one bottle of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne. This voucher can be redeemed from 20:00 till 22:00 at the bars of the Deluxe Area.

Important info
Remember through which entrance you entered the ESPRIT arena, at which locker you left your jacket and bags. There will be floor plans available in the venue to help you find your way around and inside the ESPRIT arena. There will be two info stands inside in the promenade of the ESPRIT arena. You will find the location on the floor plan.

VIP Check-in/ Deluxe Entrance
If you have bought a Deluxe ticket, you can collect your special Deluxe wristband at the VIP Check-in. You will find the VIP Check-in at K3 and K4 in the arena. This wristband allows you entrance to the Deluxe areas. You will also receive a free locker at the VIP Check-in, you will only have to pay a 5 Euro deposit for the key. When you leave the party, please take your belongings from your locker and return the key. You will then receive the 5 Euro deposit back.

Payment System
As opposed to last year, there will be no cashless payment system. The purchase of drinks etc. will be transacted via cash. There will be EC withdraw money machines in and around the arena.

There are plenty of toilets situated in the ESPRIT arena. Use of the toilets is free.

Be part of the night – dress in white.
The white dress code means that your top and bottom need to be white. You can wear shirts with small prints and accessories of another colour. Your shoes do not have to be white. Blue (or any other colour apart from white) Jeans are not allowed. Your winter jackets don’t need to be white, since they will be left in the lockers anyway.

Please note that if you are not dressed in white you are not admitted to the event. Not even with a valid ticket. We will not issue a refund.

There is a Sensation merchandise stand with a small collection of white clothing including trousers located outside at the North West entrance of the ESPRIT arena. The Sensation merchandise store with the full collection can be found inside at the South Entrance.

Temperature in the ESPRIT arena
The roof of the ESPRIT arena will be closed and the arena will be heated. Please bare in mind that the outside temperature will affect the temperature inside – expect it to be slightly below the temperature in your home.

Hearing damage
We would like to inform all our visitors that long-term exposure to loud music might cause hearing damage. On 31 December 2010 free earplugs will be available at the ESPRIT arena. You can get them for free at the information points on the promenade.

CD Sensation – the official Compilation – Germany 2011
The CD of Sensation Düsseldorf is now commercially available! Buy it now at Amazon.de.

Sensation Merchandise in the ESPRIT arena
At the Sensation Merchandise Store inside at the south entrance and outside near to the North East entry, you can find a wide selection of merchandise articles – lanyards, T-Shirts, Deluxe Jackets etc.

There is a zero-tolerance policy; this means you are not allowed to bring any soft- or hard drugs. If you have any drugs with you, you will not be admitted to the event.

Forbidden Items/Objects
The following Items/Objects are not allowed to be taken into the arena:
- Fireworks
- Glass containers
- Weapons
- Bulky & Pointy Items
- Animals
- Professional video/photography equipment

Until the 31.12.2010,

your Sensation Team