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The preparations for a spectacular Sensation ‘Source of Light’ are in full swing. Below you’ll find the important information to ensure a smooth start to an unforgettable night.

Sensation.com / Pre-Sale
Tickets can still be purchased online here: http://tickets-germany.sensation.com/ . The online tickets are available until 5 pm on October 13.

Start show
The doors of the ESPRIT arena open at 20.30 hrs. The show will start at 22.30 hrs. Make sure you arrive on time for the spectacular opening.

Box office/ Ticketing
A small number of tickets will be available at the door. Prices box office: 90 Euro (Regular) and 170 Euro (Deluxe). The box office will be open from 20:00 hrs to 2:00 hrs. If anything is wrong with your ticket or the scanning, please go to the “clearing points”. They can help you enter the event.

You can park your car at parking slot P2 of the Trade Fair. Regular guests pay 7 euros for a parking ticket, which will be withdrawn on site at the Esprit Arena.
To those who bought a parking ticket together with their Deluxe tickets, please park your car on P7. Please make sure you park close to K3 or K4, as the elevators to the VIP Check-in are located there. Please hold out your parking- and Deluxe tickets to security staff when entering the parking space.
You can buy a parking ticket here: http://tickets-germany.sensation.com/
(valid only in combination with Deluxe tickets)

(Free) public transport
Please note that your entrance ticket is also your public transport ticket within Düsseldorf and the surrounding areas (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr, DB 2. Klasse) and provides you free entrance to the Düsseldorf trams, subways and buses.
During the entire night, trams will go to back and forth every 10 minutes.
Box office tickets do not include this service.

Avoid waiting lines
To avoid waiting lines at the entrance, please have your ticket and ID ready. To ensure safety, all visitors will be searched at the entrance.
There will be two lines at each entrance, one for CTS and one for Paylogic Tickets. Please make sure you’re in the right lane.

In the ESPRIT arena there is a certain amount of lockers available. You can put up to three (possibly four) jackets in one locker. Please note that you are not allowed into the main area if you are not dressed in white.
There are four locker-stations, each station has its own colour. One is located at the south-east entrance (red), one at the south-west entrance (blue), one at the north-east entrance (yellow), and one at the VIP Check-In (this one is for visitors with Deluxe tickets only). After you have entered the venue you can then leave your jackets, bags, etc. in one of the available lockers.
- A locker costs 7 Euro rent and 5 Euro deposit.
- You will receive a key that states the number of your locker and the colour of your locker station.
- During the night you are free to use your locker at all times.
- When you leave the party, please take your belongings from your locker and return the key. You will then receive the 5 Euro deposit back.
- Remember the number, the colour of your locker and your designated entrance to retrieve your locker at the end.

You can purchase e a locker box in advance with this link:

Line Up
Line Up Mainstage:
2230 - 2330 MR WHITE
0100 - 0230 STEVE ANGELLO
0230 - 0400 MOGUAI
0400 - 0530 MOONBOOTICA

Line Up Deluxe Area:
Start– 0:00 NILS KÖNIG
0:00 – 1:30 HERBERT BÖSE
1:30 – 3:00 HECTOR
3:00 – 5:30 SAVI & MICKY TIGER

Important info
Please not only prepare to go to the party, but also prepare leaving the party. Remember through which entrance you entered the ESPRIT arena and at which locker you left your jacket and bags. There will be floor plans available in the venue to help you find your way around and inside the ESPRIT arena. There will an information stand inside in the promenade of the ESPRIT arena. You will find its location on the floor plan.

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VIP Check-in/ Deluxe Entrance
If you bought a Deluxe ticket, you have to get your special Deluxe wristband at the VIP Check-in. You will find the VIP Check-in at K3 and K4 in the Arena. This wristband will give you entrance to the Deluxe areas, one is above the VIP Check-in, the other in the infield. At the Check-in you will receive the voucher for your welcome-drink. You will also receive a free locker at the VIP Check-in, you will only have to pay a 5 Euro deposit for the key. When you leave the party, please take your belongings from your locker and return the key. You will then receive the 5 Euro deposit back. Please note, that the capacity of the infield-Deluxe area is limited.

Payment System
The purchase of Drinks etc. will be transacted via cash. There will be also one EC withdraw money machine the arena. You will find the exact position on the floor plan.

There are plenty of toilets situated in the ESPRIT arena. Use of the toilets is free.


Smoking is not permitted in the ESPRIT Arena, please use the outer promenade.

Information point

There will be an information point located at the south side (K10).

Be part of the night – dress in white.
The white dress code means that your top and bottom need to be white. You can wear shirts with small prints and accessories of another colour. Your shoes do not have to be white. Blue (or any other colour apart from white) Jeans are not allowed. Your jackets don’t need to be white, since they will be left by the lockers anyway.
Please note that if you are not dressed in white you are not admitted to the event area. Not even with a valid ticket. We will not refund any money.

Lost & Found
If you lose something during the event please turn to the information stand. If you notice that you lost something after the event please turn to the public lost & found:
Tel: +49 (0) 211 8993285, +49 (0) 211 8994199, +49 (0) 211 894231, +49 (0) 211 8993253

Temperature in the ESPRIT arena
The roof of the ESPRIT arena will be closed and the arena will be heated. Please bare in mind that the outside temperature will affect the temperature inside – expect it to be slightly below the temperature in your home.

Hearing damage
We would like to inform all our visitors that long-term exposure to loud music might cause hearing damage. On 13th of october earplugs will be available at the ESPRIT arena. You can get them at the information point on the promenade and at the first aid points.

There is a zero-tolerance policy; this means you are not allowed to bring any soft- or hard drugs. If you have any drugs with you, you will not be admitted to the event.

Forbidden Items/Objects
The following Items/Objects are not allowed to be taken into the arena:
- Fireworks
- Containers of glass
- Cans and bottles
- Weapons
- Bulky & Pointy Items
- Pocket warmer
- Animals
- Videocameras
- Picture and Sound recording equipment
Until the 13.10.2012,
We are looking forward to you!

Your Sensation Team

Published: 10th October 2012