Bud Light Sensation is coming to Mexico



On November 8th we turn another dream into reality! We're bringing ‘Into the Wild’ to Mexico for the very first Bud Light Sensation in Monterrey.


Our most intimate show ‘Into the Wild’ is all about the classic ritual between man and woman and compares the nightlife with the universal laws of the animal kingdom. From the awakening of the wild animals, to catching the prey and celebrating victory. The Arena Monterrey will be totally transformed into a white oasis where the game of seduction will start in the early evening and ends in the dead of night, when animal instincts have taken over.


We will take you on a unbelievable journey by using light shows and pyro effects that will create a futuristic atmosphere changing the venue into a hot jungle set to unleash wild, mind-blowing action.  Prepare for a night to never forget!



Tickets for Bud Light Sensation ‘Into the Wild’ are available NOW at superboletos.com


prices start at 795 pesos +10% Service Charge




Published: 19th August 2014