Last event info: Bud Light Sensation Mexico


Bud Light Sensation Into the Wild in Monterrey is this Saturday and we have compiled a list of guidelines and regulations with regard to the event. It is everything you need to know about Bud Light Sensation Mexico. Please make sure that you are fully aware of the following information to ensure a pleasant experience.


20:00: The doors of Arena Monterrey open 

22:00: The show starts 

Make sure you are in time so you will not miss the grand opening! 

04:00: Sensation ends



22:00 - 23:00 Mr White
23:00 - 00:00 Baggi Bagovic
00:00 - 01:30 W&W
01:30 - 03:00 Zedd
03:00 - 04:00 Sander van Doorn


The minimum age for Sensation is 18 years.



Dress in ALL WHITE. The white dress code means that your top and bottom need to be white, be sure to wear white shirts and white trousers. 

Shoes and accessories can be another color. Those who fail to follow the dress code will NOT be admitted to the event area, not even with a valid ticket and there will be no refund for violators. 


Be part of the night – dress in white. 


You can wear shirts with small prints, blue (or any other color apart from white) Jeans are not allowed. Your winter jackets don’t need to be white, there will be lockers available, but they are limited.



Please be aware of ticket pirating. Because of the popularity of the event the organization would like to warn you that we can't guarantee the validity of tickets if they were not purchased through Superboletos. If your ticket is not valid, you will not be allowed into the venue and there will be no refund.

For those who purchased their ticket through print@home, please print the ticket at home, bring your ID and go directly to the entrance doors. 



For those who purchased their ticket through Superboletos with collection at the venue, please bring your ID and the card with which you purchased your tickets, also your confirmation email and go to the box office (see floorplan attached) to collect your ticket till 9pm. Box Office will open at 10 am and close at 11pm.

There will be four (4) general entrances to the venue G1, G2, G3 and G4. To avoid waiting lines, please hold your ticket and ID ready. Your photo ID will be checked upon entrance. To ensure safety for everybody in the venue, all visitors will be searched at the entrance. 


Please go to the entrance assigned for Deluxe entrance K1 & K2. After entry, you will receive your wristband and your drink vouchers. Deluxe entrance will be open until 12am after which any entrance procedure will be at the sole discretion of the organizer. 



Re-entering the venue during the event is not allowed. Those who exit the venue before the event ends, will not be permitted to re-enter.



There are limited secure lockers available to secure your coat and valuables. Therefore, we advise you to bring as little belongings as possible to the event.To rent a locker costs $50 .


Locker areas are located between entrances G1 and G2 and for Deluxe at entrances K1 and K4 Please use the entrance indicated on your ticket and our staff will assist you. Throughout the night you can go to the locker and cloaking area and get your belongings from our employees. When you leave the party, please take your belongings from the locker and cloaking area where you entered the venue.

There will be cash handling inside the venue at all sales points.

There is a creditcard  machine inside the venue concourse.

There is one ATM at the venue, nevertheless is recommended to bring enough cash or your credit card, before entering the venue.



You cannot bring your own beverage to the event, but a food and beverage selection is sold at the event. Please make sure that you and your friends stay hydrated during the event. It is a long night. 


There are different areas with toilets in and around Arena Monterrey as indicated on the floor plan, please follow the signs in the venue. The toilets are free of charge.



There will be merchandise sold at the event.


You can bring your pocket camera and mobile phone. Professional camera equipment is not allowed. Upon entering the event you agree to be filmed and / or photographed, the recordings are exclusive and absolute right of the production.


To ensure the quality of the event and the rights of the participants, smoking is prohibited inside the venue. 



The following Items/Objects are not allowed to be taken into the arena and will be withheld by our security at the entrance:


-Containers of glass



-Bulky & Pointy Items

-Pocket warmer



-Picture and Sound recording equipment

- Food and beverage

Any use of all means of narcotics is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, be it soft, hard or controlled drugs. SENSATION takes pride in its positive image globally and we maintain rigid co-operation with local authorities. There will be undercover police officers patrolling the parameters for the duration of the event. We will report ANY illegal behavior to the authorities with NO EXCEPTION



In case of lost items, please contact the info point indicated in the floor plan. 



Share your Sensation photo’s & moments on Twitter and Instagram with the official Sensation hashtag #SensationMexico



Follow the experiences of our crowd, dj’s and the crew during the night on our social feed at live.sensation.com 



Watch our Mexico story unfold on Snapchat! Follow SensationWorld


Parking at the venue is limited to 2,820 and it’s free of charge.


Please go here to find details regarding public transportation around the venue.



Due to the heavy traffic, we strongly urge every participant to fully exploit public transportation. The following is a list a different transportation routes to Arena Monterrey:


BY CAR: Access to the venue from west to east on highway is via Avenida Morones Prieto and taking the first exit (U-turn) on Avenida Revolución which will take you to Avenida Fundidora and the venue is straight down on the right. Upon arriving to the venue, local staff and crew will be in charge of directing vehicles to their corresponding parking lots. 

Access to the venue from east to west on highway is via Avenida Constitución taking the exit on the right to Avenida Fundidora which will take you to the venue straight down on the right. . Upon arriving to the venue, local staff and crew will be in charge of directing vehicles to their corresponding parking lots


BY BUS: There are three close bus stops to the venue which will also be shown on the next map. In order to take the bus, 

The following routes should be taken:


  • If arriving from east to west, routes:2-89-73-99-70-71
  • From South of the city, routes: Satelite & Estanzuela
  • From North of the city, routes: 1-55-214


BY TRAIN: Subway is opened from 5:00 am to 12:00am. In order to take the subway a fee must be paid and Line 1 (linea 1) will take you to the closest exit near the venue which will be showed on the map:




RADIO TAXI: Taxi drop off/pick up is located on Avenida Fundidora right before arriving (or obstructing) the front entrance to the venue which is entrance E-1. Exact location of taxi drop off/pick up will be showed on the next map.






Published: 06th November 2014