Sensation Amsterdam '11 Innerspace DVD out now!

The DVD of the Sensation Amsterdam Innerspace premiere can be ordered at this link. This collection of exclusive interviews, trailers, atmospheric images and behind the scenes footage offers an illustrative portrait of that memorable night.

For the last twelve years, Sensation has been building its international tour. A new show, based around the legendary white dress code, premieres in Amsterdam each year before traveling around the world, visiting thirteen countries in 2011.

The world premiere of Innerspace takes the audience on a spiritual journey to awakening, raising the excitement step by step through seven intense experiences, inspiring visitors to focus on the now, guiding them to a collective awareness of its beauty and introducing them to their own innerspace.

This DVD of Sensation Amsterdam Innerspace, which took place on the 2nd of July 2011, covers: The Show in Seven Experiences, Behind the Scenes, Mr White, dance4life, Countdown to Innerspace, Show Trailer and Innerspace Trailer. It also includes an exclusive live CD from Mr. White.


Published: 26th September 2011