Sensation Amsterdam '12 sold out

Sensation Amsterdam 2012 is completely sold out. On the 7th of July, the Amsterdam Arena will transform into an oasis of white again for the premiere of the new show: ‘Source of Light’.

This year, we embark on a special mission for unity: to become part of a world, in which borders between us, our environment and others fade; to gather around a radiating sphere and strengthen our mutual bond; to celebrate togetherness at the highest level; and to regain contact with the Source of Light that connects us all.

A limited number of complete hotel packages are still available. All these packages consist of 1 or more overnight stays in a hotel of choice, a Regular or Deluxe ticket for Sensation and a transfer to and from the venue. Click here for a complete overview of what's available.

Sensation has been traveling the globe for about a decade now. In addition to Europe, Australia and South America, the next continent to conquer is the USA. The first Sensation USA will be held in October. More info regarding this new adventure will follow in mid-May.

Published: 31st March 2012