Last event info Sensation Amsterdam '12 Source Of Light

Saturday we present our new show to the masses. The ‘Source of Light’ show will premiere in the Amsterdam Arena on the 7th of July. To ensure a smooth start and to get the most out of the event, we advise you to read-up on the last event info, which can be found below.

We strongly abide by the all white dresscode. Access will be denied when you don’t live up to the dress code, even with a valid ticket. We won’t refund your ticket.
The white dresscode means your top and bottom need to be white. T-shirts with small prints are allowed, as are various colored accessories.


The minimum age of entrance to the event is 18 years. Even with parental permission or with guidance you are not permitted entrance when under the age of 18.

The venue opens at 21.00 hours. Make sure you don’t miss the spectacular opening. The show ends at 06.00 hours.
Your ticket states the entrance gate through which you must enter.

Amsterdam ArenA
ArenA Boulevard 1
1101 AX Amsterdam Zuidoost

The event is completely sold out. Since every sold (e) ticket needs to be scanned at the entrance, bring a printed version of it with you. Access will be only granted with a valid, printed e-ticket. Confirmation mails or anything else don’t function as an entrance ticket.
If you have any questions about your tickets, please contact clientsupport@paylogic.nl or by phone: 0900-6606606 (45cpm). Outside NL: +31202400643. This clientcare is available until 11AM Saturday the 7th of July.

Deluxe ticket holders will receive two coins when entering the Amsterdam ArenA. These can be exchanged for drinks at the bars in the Deluxe areas.


22h45 Mr White
23h30 Dennis Ferrer
00h45 The Man With No Shadow
02h00 Mark Knight
03h30 Riva Starr
04h45 Hardwell

21:00-22:30 Enrique's Groove
22:30-00:00 True Identity
00:00-01:00 Charles Davos
01:00-02:45 Aron Friedman
02:45-03:45 La Vondel
03:45-05:30 Miss Melera
05:30-07:00 Olivier Weiter

We abide by a zero tolerance policy and so discourage you to bring hard (or soft) drugs to the event. If one of
these is detected during visitation, you will be denied access to the event. Public use of drugs at the
event will lead to removal. Please respect our regulations.

This year we offer a new unique way to be part of the night. You can have your picture taken in the Bols photobooth. This picture of you will be integrated in the show!

The combination of state of the art technology and this innovative way of involving the visitor in the show is a never seen before visual masterpiece.

Look for the Bols promotion team and for the photobooth. During the first 2 hours of the show, the pictures will be taken. Don’t miss out on the chance of having your picture seen by 40.000 people.

Bols is serving a wide selection of drinks, including a special Bols Sensation cocktail. The full cocktail line-up:
Blue Up
Bols Sensation
Apple Up
Vanilla Berry Crush

Sensation and Vodafone have joined forces to develop the new Sensation app. With the app you are able to follow the event, experience exclusive content or share your own on Sensation.com and Facebook - all through the Sensation app.

The Sensation app will play an important role in the new show, Source of Light, for visitors and home-stayers alike. The app offers not only general event information, but also exclusive content for a peek behind the scenes of Sensation.

The app can be downloaded for iPhone and Android.

Vodafone offers visitors of Sensation free WiFi, covering the inner circle and outer circle rings. You will be able to get in touch with your friends and provide the world with lots of posts through Twitter or Facebook, during the whole evening!

Want to use the network? Just register on the network “Vodafone WiFi” and log in:

username: vodafone
password: vodafone

If you are not using the network active for a certain time, it will disconnect automatically. Still want to use the free WiFi? Just register again and you will be connected.


This year, lockers are situated OUTSIDE the Amsterdam ArenA at the ArenA Park, between entrance G and F. Please be aware of the fact that no lockers will be available inside the venue! It is not allowed to bring your jacket and/or bag packs into the ArenA.

One locker is suitable for three (possibly four) jackets. Again, please note that you are not allowed into the main area if you are not dressed in white.

After entering the venue you can’t return to the lockers. Make sure you hand in your jackets etc before entering the venue.

- The locker costs are 6 euros plus an additional 5 euro deposit
(total 11 euros).
- You will receive a key, which states the number of your locker.
- When leaving the event, please empty your locker and return the key to recoup the 5 euro deposit.
- The lockers for the Deluxe ticket holders are situated close to their designated entrance.

There are plenty of toilets situated in the Amsterdam ArenA. These can be used free of charge.

Payments need to be done with the ArenA card, a special chipcard. These cards (worth €10, €20 or €50) are available at the venue and can be purchased with either cash, pin or credit cards at one of the 20 vending machines, spread throughout the venue. You can recognize them by the signs ‘ArenA Cards’, accompanied with a blue PIN logo.

Various types of food and drinks are available at one of the 50 outlets throughout the venue. Even though there are 50 outlets, you might have to wait from time to time.

To make sure you capture all special moments at Sensation, you may bring your mobile phone(s) and/ or pocket digital cameras. Except for persons holding an official Sensation press accreditation, (semi) professional cameras and video cameras aren’t allowed and will be taken from you at the entrance of the venue.


One merchandise stand is located outside the Amsterdam ArenA, next to the lockers between entrance G and F. This merchandise stand is open from 18.00 hrs till approximately 01.00 hrs on Saturday.
At this stand we will have a small outlet store with items from our previous collection.

Another Sensation merchandise stand is located in the Amsterdam ArenA itself, at the ArenA deck next to elevator South. Here we’ll sell our new Sensation collection.

The official Sensation Source of Light compilation, mixed by Mr. White, is now exclusively available at the Sensation store. The cd features tracks by Joris Voorn, Riva Starr, Mark Knight, Azari & III, Kaiserdisco and many more. You can order it online and at the event for €14,99

Sensation is continuing its exclusive partnership with dance4life, an organization that empowers young people to halt the spread of HIV and AIDS worldwide. Ticket buyers and Sensation donate 0,50 Euro of each ticket to dance4life.

There will be designated smoking areas in the Amsterdam ArenA. These can be found at the ArenA deck. The smoking areas for the Deluxe ticket holders can be found in the main building on level 3. Follow the signs in the ArenA to locate these areas.


Sensation encourages everyone to choose an environmental friendly means of transportation. On sensation.com you’ll find two suggested bicycle routes. Please follow the yellow Sensation signs. These will guide you to the Amsterdam ArenA.

NS Duivendrecht (North) and NS Bijlmer ArenA (South) are both within walking distance of the venue.
Both stations have good connections with all major railway stations. When leaving and you’re if headed towards Amersfoort / Schiphol, travel via Duivendrecht. If Amsterdam / Utrecht is your way to go, travel via Bijlmer Arena.

Local bus routes 29, 158, 174, 177 and 178 all head towards the ArenA. Visit Routeplanner for more info regarding the times the buses travel. Between 01:00 and 06:00, 3 buses will go back and forth between the Amsterdam ArenA and Amsterdam Central Station.

The Strandvliet ArenA (North) and Bijlmer ArenA (South) underground stations are within walking distance of the venue. Subways 50 and 54 stop at these stations. The subway service will start at 06:00 as an extra service.

R-net (bus 300)
The R-net (bus 300) runs from Haarlem station via Hoofddorp and Schiphol to Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA. From Bijlmer ArenA station it’s a very short walk.

Use the NS, GVB and 9292OV websites to find your best travel schedule.

ID&T encourages the use of public transport. If you travel by car, the directions can be found below:

From direction of Den Haag/Haarlem
-From the Badhoevedorp intersection, take the A4/E19 towards Amsterdam.
-At de Nieuwe Meer intersection, take the A10 towards A10 Ringweg Zuid.
-When arriving at the Amstel intersection take the A10/E35 towards Amersfoort (i.e. drive straight on and don’t take the earlier slip roads marked “P ArenA”)
-Take the Amstel Business Park slip road (for S111)
-Turn left three times and take the S111. This brings you to the ArenA.

From direction of Zaandam/Den Haag:
-At Coenplein take the A10/E35 towards Amersfoort/Volendam.
-Go straight ahead at the Watergraafsmeer intersection towards A10/E35 Utrecht/Den Haag.
-Take exit S112 towards Duivendrecht. Turn to the right and take the Gooiseweg.
-Take the second exit for D and E district.
-Turn right and take the Daalwijkdreef; follow the bend to the left and take the Dolingadreef.
-Turn right and take the Burgemeester Stramanweg.

From direction of Amersfoort:
-When on the A1, take the A9 exit at Diemen intersection towards Amsterdam Zuidoost/Schiphol/Haarlem.
-Take the S112 junction towards Bijlmermeer.
-Turn left and take the Karspeldreef.
-Turn right at the Hondsrugweg. Hint: Follow the P ArenAPoort for the ArenA.
-See www.vananaarbeter.nl for roadworks in the Netherlands.

Address for you navigation system is:
Amsterdam ArenA
ArenA Boulevard 1
1101 AX Amsterdam

Car parking/charges for Amsterdam ArenA and the ArenA boulevard
P-1 Reserved 24/7
P-3 € 12,00 per car 24/7
P-4 € 12,00 per car 24/7
P-5 € 12,00 per car 24/7
P-10 € 12,00 per car 24/7
P-11 € 12,00 per car 4 hours before start of event
P-12 € 12,00 per car 4 hours before start of event
P-19 € 12,00 per car 24/7

To save time, purchase an exit event when parking your car. Choose the events button at the ticketing machine. The event rate starts 4 hours before the event commences.

Parking spaces are reserved for people with mobility problems in P-1/Transferium. Follow the signs from the road or motorway. Please do not try to park in this area unless you hold a European Disabled Parking Permit, also known as a Blue Badge; all cars are checked for this during events. From P-1/Transferium it is easy to reach the south side (Entrance H) of the venue, where the elevators are located. The maximum height for vehicles entering P-1 is 2.25 meters. The costs for parking during the entire event: : € 20.00.

Taxis can be found at the North side of the Amsterdam ArenA. You can contact the Taxi Centrale Amsterdam (TCA) by phone: +31 20 777 7777 (local rate) or 0900-6777777 (priority phone number, 55ct/p.m., only to be called from a Dutch phone). We advise you not to reserve a taxi, but just wait in line after the event at the Taxi stand.

Elevators are located at the South H entrance. Any visitor with a disability, not just wheelchair users, can use these lifts.

If you have any general questions about Sensation please send an email using the contact form. Questions regarding your ticket should be addressed to clientsupport@paylogic.nl.

Published: 04th July 2012