Last Event Info: Sensation Welcome to the Pleasuredome


This Saturday we present our new show Sensation ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’. To ensure a smooth start and to get the most out of the event, we advise you to read-up on the last event info, which can be found below.


The venue opens at 20.00 hours. Make sure you don’t miss the spectacular opening. The show ends at 06.00 hours. Your ticket states the entrance gate through which you must enter. 


The Dutch team reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup! This Saturday they will face Costa Rica at 22:00 hrs, so we will broadcast the entire game with audio on tv-screens throughout the concourses and in the Deluxe areas.
Want to enjoy the match without the commentary, but with banging beats?  Then head to the stands in the main area where there will be some screens without audio aimed towards the seats at the North and South end.
The timetable for the premiere of the spectacular „Welcome to the Pleasuredome” show stays the same, but the doors to the Amsterdam ArenA will open an hour earlier at 20:00 hrs.
The dresscode remains all white, cheer for your team and double the excitement when they win!

22:45 | Mr White

23:45 | Chuckie
01:00 | Nicky Romero

02:15 | Martin Garrix

03:30 | Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
04:45 | Nervo

06:00 | End

20:00 | Jim Born

22:00 | The Netherlands vs Costa Rica

23:45 | YAX.X
01:30 | Maria Helena
03:00 | Ferreck Dawn

04:30 | Eelke Kleijn
06:00 | Mr White


The minimum age of entrance to the event is 18 years. Even with parental permission or with guidance you are not permitted entrance when under the age of 18.


We strongly abide by the all white dress code. Access will be denied when you don’t live up to the dress code, even with a valid ticket. We won’t refund your ticket. 

The white dress code means your top and bottom need to be white. T-shirts with small prints are allowed, as are various colored accessories. Shoes don’t have to be white.


A merchandise stand is located outside the Amsterdam ArenA, at entrance F. This merchandise stand is open from 18.00 hrs till approximately 01.00 hrs on Saturday. At this stand we will have a small outlet store.

A fresh merchandise collection is available at two stands in the venue from 20.00 hrs till 06.00 hrs, located at the ArenA deck on the 2nd level next to elevator south and on the concourse at the 4th level, between gate K and M. You can pay merchandise with cash and/or Amsterdam Arena Cards. We don't have any ATM machines at the stands. 


The event is completely sold out. Since every sold (e)-ticket needs to be scanned at the entrance, bring a printed version of it with you. Access will be only granted with a valid, printed e-ticket. Confirmation mails or anything else don’t function as an entrance ticket. All our tickets are sold through Sensation.com with ticket operator Paylogic. We advice you not to buy a ticket elsewhere, if you already did we can’t guarantee this is a real ticket.

If you have any questions about your tickets, please contact clientsupport@paylogic.nl or by phone: 0900-6606606 (45cpm). Outside NL: +31202400643. This client care is available until 11AM Friday the 4th of July. Deluxe ticket holders will receive two coins when entering the Amsterdam ArenA. These can be exchanged for drinks at the bars in the Deluxe areas.


In the Amsterdam ArenA lockers are available in limited numbers. You can put up to three (possibly four) jackets in one locker. Please note that you are not allowed into the main area if you are not dressed in white. After you entered the venue you can therefore leave your jackets, bags and valuables in one of the available lockers.

- A locker costs 7 Euro rent and 5 Euro deposit.
- You will receive a key, which states the number of your locker.
- Throughout the night you can go to your locker and take things out and put things in.
When you leave the party, please take your belongings from your locker and return the key. You will then receive the 5 Euro deposit back.
- To make sure you get all your belongings back and you do not have to go into the cold without your jacket, please remember your locker number.


The official Sensation Welcome to the Pleasuredome compilation will be available from July 4th at iTunes, bol.com and at the Sensation store. This compilation contains 2 mixes including tracks by Axwell, Tchami, Nicky Romero, Chocolate Puma, and Chuckie.


We abide by a zero tolerance policy and so discourage you to bring (soft)drugs to the event. If one of these is detected during visitation, you will be denied access to the event. Public use of drugs at the event also leads to removal. Please respect our regulations.


During Sensation we celebrate safely. If you have any questions about the use of alcohol or other drugs, you're welcome for a chat at the Celebrate Safe stand supported by Unity. Unity is an open minded harm reduction project in the Dutch party scene. Their volunteers are to be found at the ArenA Dek on the 2nd level on South side of the venue. They will be happy to talk to you and share their knowledge. When you're (or your friend) not feeling well, please visit our Celebrate Safe team at the First Aid. The First Aid team is your friend and are here to help you without judgement. 


There are plenty of toilets situated in the Amsterdam ArenA. These can be used free of charge. 


Payments need to be done with the ArenA card, a special chipcard. These cards (worth €10, €20 or €50) are available at the venue and can be purchased with cash, pin or credit cards at one of the 20 vending machines, spread throughout the venue. You can recognize them by the signs ‘ArenA Cards’, accompanied with a blue PIN logo.

In cooperation with Coca-Cola we will limit our footprint. This year we introduce 5 cup recycling points at Sensation ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’. Hand in 10 cups or bottles and get 1 Coca-Cola or water in exchange!


Share your Sensation moments on Twitter and Instagram with the official Sensation hashtag #SENSATION


Follow the experiences of our crowd, dj’s and the crew during the night at live.sensation.com


Let us take you on a journey behind the scenes in the "The road to Sensation” series, brought to you by KLM. First episodes online at sns.tn/theroadto and stay tuned for more.


For the people at home, Radio 538 will broadcast live from the ArenA with music and DJ Interviews via the Radio and on www.538.nl


Watch The Road to Sensation in a 60 min episode on FOX, July 12 at 20.30.

Find one of the four white Heineken Sensation bottles this week and join Sensation with 3 of your best friends, including an exclusive pre-party on the Heineken boat with Mr White. Want to know where these bottles could be? Follow Heineken and Sensation on Facebook and Twitter for instructions.

Create your personal Sensation KLM Luggage tag at Sensation! Find the booth in the Deluxe area and get your copy.

Here it is, the long awaited Bols line-up for Sensation Amsterdam. See you on July 5, at the cocktail bar!


To make sure you capture all special moments at Sensation, you may bring your mobile phone(s) and/or pocket digital cameras. Except for persons holding an official Sensation press accreditation, (semi-) professional cameras and video cameras aren’t allowed and will be taken from you at the entrance of the venue. 

By purchasing a Sensation ticket you automatically donate €0.50 to 10,000 HOURS. Sensation double this donation, so that’s €1 for every ticket sold. Together we inspire young people around the world to donate time and give something back to the local community.

Elevators are located at the South H entrance. Any visitor with a disability, not just wheelchair users, can use these lifts.


There will be designated smoking areas in the Amsterdam ArenA. These can be found at the ArenA deck. The smoking areas for the Deluxe ticket holders can be found in the main building on level 3 and 4. Follow the signs in the ArenA to locate these areas.

Please be aware of pickpockets during the event. To all female visitors, close your purse as pickpockets often grab phones out of it when they see an opportunity.



Sensation encourages everyone to choose an environmental friendly means of transportation. To find your best travel schedule and information regarding construction works during this weekend click here.


NS Duivendrecht (North) and NS Bijlmer ArenA (South) are both within walking distance of the venue.

Both stations have good connections with all major railway stations. When leaving and you’re headed towards Amersfoort / Schiphol, travel via Station Duivendrecht. If Amsterdam / Utrecht is your way to go, travel via Bijlmer Arena.

Local bus routes 44, 45, 47, 66, 158, 174, 177, 178, 300 and 328 all head towards the ArenA. Visit Routeplanner for more info regarding the times the buses travel. Between 01:00 and 06:00, free buses will go back and forth between the North side of the Amsterdam ArenA and Amsterdam Central Station.

(bus 300)

The R-net (bus 300) runs from Haarlem station via Hoofddorp and Schiphol to Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA. From Bijlmer ArenA station it’s a very short walk.


The Strandvliet ArenA (North) and Bijlmer ArenA (South) underground stations are within walking distance of the venue. Subways 50 and 54 stop at these stations. The subway service will start at 06:15 as an extra service.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to constructions subways between station Bijlmer ArenA and Amsterdam Zuid won’t run. Extra trains will run on this route. The connection between Station Amsterdam Zuid and Isolatorweg is still in tact.


Sensation encourages the use of public transport. The address for you navigation system is:

Amsterdam ArenA
ArenA Boulevard 1

1101 AX Amsterdam

Car parking/charges for Amsterdam ArenA and the ArenA Boulevard:

- P-1 Reserved 24/7
- P-3, P-4, P-5, P-10 and P-19 cost € 12,00 per car and are open 24/7
- P-11 and P1-12 cost € 12,00 per car and open 4 hours before start of event.

To save time, purchase an exit ticket when parking your car. Choose the events button at the ticketing machine. The event rate starts 4 hours before the event commences. You can also pre-book your parking tickets in now, by clicking here.


Parking spaces are reserved for people with mobility problems in P-1/Transferium. Follow the signs from the road or motorway. Please do not try to park in this area unless you hold a European Disabled Parking Permit, also known as a Blue Badge; all cars are checked for this during events. From P-1/Transferium it is easy to reach the south side (Entrance H) of the venue, where the elevators are located. The maximum height for vehicles entering P-1 is 2.25 meters.

The costs for parking during the entire event: € 20.00.


Taxis can be found at the North side of the Amsterdam ArenA. We advise you not to reserve a taxi, but just wait in line after the event at the Taxi stand.



See you all on saturday!

Published: 01st July 2014