Finally! We are coming to Moscow


We want the world to know: Sensation is coming to Moscow. After Saint Petersburg generously hosted us for seven years, we are moving to one of the most symbolic cities in the world. On June 12th 2015, the Olimpiysky, will be transformed into a place called Wicked Wonderland.


The capital of Russia will host a white fairytale world with a focus on a journey of emotional discovery.


The show

Have you ever been in a magical world? We invite you into Wicked Wonderland. Join us as we wander through a modern fairy tale in common reality, peeping through keyholes and unveiling mysteries by opening doors. Wicked Wonderland is a place full of secrets and surprises, rewarding the curiosity of those willing to lose themselves.

Expect a giant butterfly stage in the center of the Stadium. Mythical figures from your dreams fly trough the air. All combined with a unique lightshow, lasers, confetti and a booming sound system. This one you don’t want to miss!


Ticket sales

Early bird tickets are being sold from 31 of December via 31 of January

General ticketsales start 1st February


Prices + descriptions


Dance floor (3500 RUB)

-       Access to the main arena of the Olimpic Arena including the dancefloor and side minor stands of the arena; 

-       Access to all animation areas and bars in halls and open-air space of the Olimpic Arena.


Deluxe (4000 RUB) 

-       Access to the grand stand “South” of the Olimpic Arena; a panoramic view of the arena and the stage;

-       Limited access to the dance floor;

-       Access to all animation areas and bars in halls and open-air space of the Olimpic Arena;

-       Separate entrances.


Gold (10 000 RUB) 

-       Access to premium multiple levels platform opposite the stage with a magnificent view of the arena; 

-       Access to central sectors of the grand stand “North” of the Olimpic Arena; 

-       Separate entrance, wardrobe and open-air space; 

-       Exclusive lounge bar and unlimited welcome drinks & snacks. 



Exclusive Tables (from 80 000 RUB)


Access to the most hilarious and cozy premium area of the event located at a centrally positioned platform with a fantastic view on stage and the arena, lounge furniture for 4-14 people and special service.


-       premium invitation for 4-14 guests (depending on the type of Diamond Box)

-       VIP hostess escort to the table

-       parking slots

-       dedicated waitresses

-       complimentary premium drinks and fruits

-       selected snacks and canapes

-       an unforgettable experience at one of the most miraculous shows on planet



Published: 25th December 2014