On Friday June 12, 2015 Sensation will unleash the “Wicked Wonderland” show at the Olimpiskiy Stadiumfor thousands of ecstatic fans! After 7 very successful years in Saint Petersburg, Sensation is thrilled go to Moscow. The capital of Russia will host a white fairytale world with a focus on a journey of emotional discovery. This years show features some of the best DJ’s known to date, taking the night to the next level with their driving bass lines, enchanting melodies and highly charged drops. Join the ride of a life time and let the following DJ’s be your guide (in order of appearance):


The best way to kick off a wild night has a name, and it’s Mr White. Sensation’s resident superstar DJ has been rocking dance floors all over the globe for years and has come to embody the high-energy dance experience that is Sensation. With Mr. White, every record of hypnotizing house grooves is handpicked to get you in the right mood. Setting the perfect vibe is definitely this musical hero’s superpower so expect irresistible dancing from the get go!


Mr. White  

Start the night off right with Mr. White! Our very own superstar DJ has been part of our world tour for several years now, rocking dance floors all over the globe. With every record handpicked to get you in the right mood, our resident hero sets the perfect vibe up effortlessly. Expect hypnotising house grooves that will get your feet dancing from the get-go!


Mark Knight

In a world where music is often limited to genre handles and buzz sounds, Mark Knight has proven a rare and wonderful breed of integral house heavyweight. With a career spanning more than a decade and a solid reputation on both the digital market and dance floors across the globe, the Grammy-nominated DJ/producer has never rested on the laurels of being one of the industry’s most respected and accomplished UK players to date.


DJ Feel

DJ Feel is the leader of Russian dance club music, which turned millions people into clubbers and gave an impulse to develop their talents to many new Russian bright stars of trance. Feel is the only DJ who accompanied DJ Tiesto and Paul van Dyk in their Russian tourney and played as warm-up for them.


Fedde le Grand

Fedde and Sensation are a clear-cut match. He’s played over 25 Sensations already and the collaboration continues. Fedde perfectly knows what the Sensation crowds wants and delivers every time. Even though he’s touring non-stop, he still manages to produce big tracks. His latest track ‘No Good’ has been destroying dance floors all over the world. We’re happy Fedde returns to the stage this fall!



His monumental accomplishments have positioned Chuckie as one of the industry’s true pioneers. A leader within the immaculate Dutch movement, he created a sound ahead of the time blending elements of hip hop and House music. A decade later, Chuckie is still pushing the boundaries of conventional dance music. This unwavering passion has allowed his vision to come full circle, as Dirty Dutch Music is hitting on all cylinders, with no sign of slowing down.



Borgeous is quickly making waves in the scene as a music producer and DJ. His keen ear and innate talent to produce a provocative, textured sound have made people take notice. His biggest hit to-date, "Tsunami" is exactly as its title suggests as the hit single wrecked bars, clubs, festival stages, and stereos around the world, gaining him international fame.


Hosted by MC Gee

Lee Grant is a regular at Sensation and well known for his perfect timing. In addition to performing at festivals all over the world, he also accompanies Fedde le Grand on tour often. Gee perfectly knows how to read the Sensation crowd. Never a dull moment with this MC!


You can already get excited by listening to our official Sensation Moscow 2015 playlist on Beatport for free, listen to it now: CLICK HERE


See you in Moscow!
Published: 23rd April 2015