Sensation Russia June 7, 2014


After the very successful ‘Source of Light’ show in 2013, we’re happy to announce our return to St. Petersburg, Russia in 2014. On June 7 the SKK Arena will be taken over once again for what promises to be a magical night.


This year we’re bringing our latest show ‘Into the Wild’, a show all about seduction, the classic ritual between man and woman. This game of seduction starts early evening and will end in the dead of night, when animal instincts have taken over.


The show
‘Into the Wild’ compares the nightlife in 2014 with the universal laws of the animal kingdom. From the awakening of the wild animals, to catching the prey and celebrating victory. The stadium will be totally transformed into a white oasis. To change the SKK Arena into a sweltering jungle an organic world has been created: An Avatar like jungle. The light shows and pyro effects, amongst other things, will create a futuristic atmosphere.


Ticket sales

The ticket sale will start December 27th at 10am (AMS)


Join us as we wander through the sweltering jungle, watch the trailer and get excited!


Published: 25th December 2013