Sensation 'Into the Wild' LED wristbands by Pixmob


Every Sensation show has it's own surprises for the audience. One of the features during Into the Wild in St. Petersburg are the LED wristbands.


Each attendee will be given a white wristband upon entering the show. The bracelets will connect people through light. Each wristband contains wireless LED which will sync with music and special effects. Everyone will be wearing a digital flame, reinventing fire rituals to get us all, Into the Wild. 


Similar to a TV remote, the wristbands are controlled by infrared light to create these powerful moments. People will literally become the show, as each PixMob device becomes a pixel, transforming the crowd into a human canvas of light. 


The wristbands are made by PixMob, a company reimagining the crowd experience. www.pixmob.com


You can see them live in action at Sensation Russia on June 7th! sensation.com/russia


Published: 23rd May 2014