VIP packages Sensation Serbia 2011

The ultimate Sensation experience: the exclusive SKYBOXES or your own table at the VIP deck, which is the closest to the show. Limited packages are available now.

The exclusive decks at Sensation in Belgrade offer a private platform with the best view of the show in the Belgrade Arena. The SKYBOX can house a minimum of 10 up to a maximum of 14 people and includes a private bar, host, special packages on food & beverages. A table at the exclusive VIP deck has room for minimum ten people and includes security, dedicated food & beverage staff, wardrobe, hostess guided entrance and of course a spectacular, all night long, premium view of the show. Invite some privileged guests and enjoy the first ever Sensation Belgrade!

The Skybox: 10 - 14 guests, 180,50 eur pp. excl. reservation costs (6%).
VIP Deck table: 10 -12 guests, 180,50 eur pp. excl. reservation costs (6%)

F&B is included: 2 bottles of Champagne / 1 bottle of Vodka /1 bottle of Whiskey / Spirits / Heineken beer / RedBull and of course top quality food (we’ll surprise you), More or other drinks will be additionally charged.

If you want to make a reservation, please contact vip@insomnia-global.com. The tickets will be provided from February 1st 2011 onwards.

Note: It is not possible to buy single exclusive VIP deck or Skybox tickets, only packages are available (ten or more guests).