Sensation Serbia Smirnoff VIP club line-up

On the 12th of May, The Belgrade Arena will be turned all white again.
This year’s show, Innerspace, is a spiritual experience, journey throughout the seven stages of enlightenment. Ignore your daily worries, let go of all stress and open your mind to a higher state of consciousness. These dj’s will be your guide on the journey: Mr. White, Fedde Le Grand, Dennis Ferrer, Daniel Sanchez & Juan Sanchez, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Hardwell.

In addition, we also present the line up for the Smirnoff VIP club, consisting of regional and central European dj talents. The line up: 
22:00 to 22:45 Beatmaniacs (winners of last year's Sensation talent contest)
22:45 to 23:30 Djordje Pavlovic (winner of the Mr. Stefan Braun contest)
23:30 to 00:15 Mirko& Meex
00:15 to 01:00 DJ Dacha
01:00 to 01:45 DJ Key
01:45 to 02:45 DJ Jaz von D (NL)
02:45 to 03:30 DJ Nikifor
03:30 to 04:15 DJ Lady Dee
04:15 to 05:00 DJ Angel Anx
05:00 to 06:00 DJ Bane Paunovic
VJ Tekyes
06.00 to 08.00 DJ Maron & Friends

Make sure you are present on May 12th to partake in this collective spiritual experience with kindred spirits, all united and dressed in white. 

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Published: 07th May 2012