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The preparations for Heineken presents Sensation Wicked Wonderland already started in K-Arena, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. All you need to know to prepare for the event can be found below.

Opening times

The doors of K-Arena will open at 21h00 and last until 05h00. The show starts at 22h00. Make sure you are in time so you will not miss the grand opening!


22:00 - 23:00 Mr White

23:00 - 00:30 Sebastien Leger

00:30 - 00:40 Heineken presents Sensation Mix

00:40 - 02:10 Prok & Fitch

02:10 - 03:20 Roul and Doors

03:40 - 05:00 Sick Individuals


Minimum age

The minimum age for Sensation is 18 years.

Dress code

Dress in ALL WHITE. Be sure to wear white shirts and white trousers, while shoes and accessories are not limited to white. Those who fail to follow the dress code will NOT be admitted to the event area, not even with a valid ticket, and there will be no refund for violators. Please read http://goo.gl/MsFoi thoroughly regarding the dress code.



All Regular and Deluxe tickets are sold out.  Please be informed that no additional tickets will be sold at the event.



Your photo ID will be checked upon entrance. Please follow the area code on your ticket when entering the venue. If you attempt to enter through a different entrance other than the designated one, you will NOT be admitted to the venue. To ensure safety for everybody in the venue, all visitors will be searched at the entrance.

Cloak room / coat check / lockers

Cloaking areas are available in K-Arena.  One use costs 100 points on your Heineken card.  There will be free cloakroom for Deluxe ticket holders.

Payment system

There will be NO cash inside the venue, all business transactions, except tobacco products, will be conducted by “2013 Sensation Taiwan Limited Edition Card”.  Each Heineken card is priced NT$500, with 500 credit points included.  The card can be purchased or added to at anytime at the Card Stations indicated on the floor plan.  Available top-up values are NT$100/$500/$1000/$2000, and it can be paid by credit card or cash.  Please note that refund / change will not be provided after purchase/top-up.  The card can only be used during the period of Sensation at Kaohsiung Arena (2013/9/28 9PM – 3013/9/25 5AM).

There will be NO ATM at the venue, make absolutely sure to bring enough cash before entering the venue.


Food & drinks

Bar service and food courts will operate during the event. The payment shall be made exclusively by “2013 Sensation Taiwan Limited Edition Card”.

Cigarettes are available for cash only.


K-Arena is a non-smoking venue. There are designated smoking areas outside. 


There are different areas with toilets in and around K-Arena. The toilets are free of charge.


No merchandise will be sold on site, so please make sure to prepare for the dress code In your preparations to the event.

Photo & Video

You can bring your pocket camera and mobile phone. Professional cameras are not allowed. Upon entering the event you agree to be filmed and / or photographed, the records are exclusive and absolute right of the production.

Drug policy

Drugs are prohibited at the event. Please ensure to obey by these rules, as security is tight. Anyone found with drugs will be handled by the police onsite.

Transportation (public transport, car, kiss & ride) & parking

There is very limited parking spaces around the K-Arena, leading to heavy traffic surrounding the event premises, we strongly suggest you to fully exploit public transportation. Please go to http://www.k-arena.com.tw/traffic.aspx to find details regarding public transportation around the event.


Floor plan

Floorplan 1F

Floorplan 1F

Published: 25th September 2013