Line-Up Sensation Ukraine '11 Ocean of White

Sensation is proud to announce the full line-up for its very first Ukranian show. On May 8th, over twelve-thousand people in the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev will become part of an Ocean of White. These are the artists, in order of appearance, providing the music for this remarkable event:

Kirill Doomski
Kirill Doomski’s musical vision is nothing short of miraculous. Having been at the forefront of Ukraine’s club culture since day one, he knows how to create a proper atmosphere at any given venue. As a resident of Kiev’s reknowned Buddha Bar, he is famous for providing the best warm-up sets. When it comes to warming up the debute edition of Sensation Kiev, Doomski is the perfect man for the job.

One of Ukraine’s most gifted composers, musicians and dj’s, Lutique has played an essential role in the country’s show business. His collaborations with the likes of Kishe and Svetlana Loboda repeatedly hit dance charts, whilst his music videos always are getting major airplay on all the popular tv-channels. Lutique’s house music stands out in brightness and smoothness – the perfect soundtrack for a night of dancing and rejoicing!

Jerome Isma-Ae
This German producer has had numerous hits with his signature sound: big room tech house grooves with melodious hands in the air build-ups. Consistently crossing genres, his tracks appeal to house, trance and techno dj’s alike. After an amazing show at the Polish Sensation, Isma-Ae is set to blast the roof off the Sensation Kiev Exhibition Centre with a euphoric musical treat.

Fedde Le Grand
This Dutch house music icon has won numerous international awards, including Best Artist and Best Underground House Track at Miami’s Winter Music Conference and DJ Of The Year at the Australian MTV Awards. A regular and favourite of the Sensation global stage, Fedde le Grand is most experienced in taking massive crowds on an incredible journey through his own powerful house grooves. Want proof? Watch this video and experience why!

Martin Solveig
When he’s not busy training for his tennis title (be sure to check out Solveig’s hilarious FAME soap series) this Parisian hitmaker is playing out his blissful take on house music to a global fanbase. With tracks consistently hitting the international music charts (Hello!) Solveig is transcending the clubs and moving into the pop arena. He can blow the lid off a massive Exhibition Centre any time of day, and that's exactly what he's going to do!

Gabriel & Dresden
One of the most popular dance music duos of all time, US-based Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden have become internationally known for both their own music and remixes for artists like Madonna, Annie Lennox, New Order and Nelly Furtado. Their music is synonymous to the whole era of electronic music of the last decade, receiving many awards throughout their carreer. After a separation in 2008, they finally reunited, spawning a wave of joyous reactions by fans across the globe.

Sensation Kiev on the 8th of May is set to be a historical landmark for the Ukraine clubscene – you simply don’t want to miss out!

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