Live broadcast Sensation Ukraine '11


Thousands of visitors will have an unforgettable night in Kiev, as they enter the Ocean of White. Music wise, turntable heroes Kirill Doomski, Lutique, Jerome Isma-Ae, Martin Solveig and Gabriel & Dresden are all armed with fresh new tracks and upfront productions, ensuring the finest electronic music.

If you're unable to attend the event, you can still experience the beats, frequencies and crisp high hats by tuning in to the Sensation livestream. Unfortunately we cannot broadcast Fedde Le Grand, instead we'll be streaming some of the highlights of the night.

Tuning in is easy and only one click away. Click this link to open the radio player. If you prefer to open the stream in iTunes or Winamp, simply click here.

Broadcast Schedule (+0300 UTC)
(differs from actual line-up):
22:00 Kirill Doomski
23:00 Lutique
00:15 Jerome Isma-Ae
01:30 Mix
03:25 Martin Solveig
04:45 Gabriel & Dresden
06:00 END