Sensation returns to Kiev with Innerspace

On May 5th 2012, Kiev International Exhibition Centre will welcome Sensation. This year presenting Innerspace, which is all about spirituality. With international top artists and of course the dress code ‘be part of the night, dress in white’, everything is set for another unforgettable experience.

Innerspace will be the second Sensation show seen by the Ukrainian public. Last year's debut in Kiev, which transformed the IEC into the The Ocean of White, was visited by 12 thousand people. Sensation has become the most visited cultural event in Ukraine by foreign tourists: about a quarter of visitors were from foreign countries (Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan). The show attracted a lot of celebrities, like football player Alexander Shovkovsky, singers Ivan Dorn and Vasily Bondarchuk, director Alan Badoev, host Andrew Djedjula and many others.

Sensation is continuing its exclusive partnership with dance4life, an organization dedicated to fight the spread of hiv and aids worldwide. Ticket buyers and Sensation donate 0,50 euro of each ticket to dance4life.

Typically, Sensation tickets are sold out long before the show. We therefore recommend to secure your ticket in advance. Tickets can already be book, while the actual sale is scheduled for February 2012.

Sensation has been held in Ukraine due to the effort of 3 companies: VIRUS Music (Ukraine), ID&T (Netherlands) and RECORD DANCE RADIO (Russia).

Published: 27th January 2012